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At ACTON Security Ltd we believe that security and traffic management are the main reasons for installing access barriers and roller shutters.


Automated gates less so in this environment unless they are accompanied by barriers for day use and then automated gates for outside of office hours. In the commercial market quality and reliability are key factors in the design and specification of these systems.


Each customer has a budget that they need to work to but that doesn’t always mean they can’t afford the best equipment. 

Commercial gate automation by ACTON  Security Ltd

As a business ourselves it would be false economy for us to design a system using lesser equipment as we would be forever attending sites to carry out repairs. Having a barrier installed is one thing but having it installed correctly is another. We regularly receive calls to attend sites where the gates, barriers or roller shutters do not work correctly and often it is bad news for the customer as it has been installed incorrectly and worse still doesn’t have the safety devices it requires by law. In this day and age, it is possible for your plumber or gardener to install this equipment but sadly this does not make them trained and approved installers. All gate installations in the UK should be certified and pressure tested, and a record should be kept that is updated at your annual service.



At ACTON Security Ltd we believe that convenience is a great motivator for customers having automated gates installed at their property but in offering convenience to an end user certain key factors will play a large part in designing the perfect solution for them. The largest and most important factor in this process isn’t the aesthetic or the speed of such devices but the safety of their operation. We placed the highest importance upon this part of the design process and this is part of what makes us different.



We would love for every customer to have the best looking and fastest operating gates in the world but the reality is that without safety being of the utmost importance your gates becomes a major hazard to both the resident and the general populous. In this day and age we also have to accommodate for trespassers too. All of gates and barriers are designed with this in mind and all equipment is manufactured to the highest British and European Standards. All gate installations in the UK must follow strict guidelines laid out by the HSE.

Residential gate automation by ACTON Security Ltd

European Standard: EN12453

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