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8 ways to 'burglar-proof' your home

At ACTON Security Ltd we get the same calls each year around holiday periods. Whether that be Easter, Summer, Half Terms or Christmas.

Hi there, I need to have an alarm fitted I think. We were burgled whilst we were on holiday

Asides from the obvious, (that being, have your alarm installed before you go on holiday), there are things you can do to make yourself less of a target. We would always recommend having an alarm system and CCTV installed by an accredited professional. Always look for SSAIB or NSI Accreditations. The majority of Insurance companies want accredited installations. They may omit that at time of quotation but the small print usually has a section that says it must be installed by an accredited installation company and also maintained by an accredited installation and maintenance company. ACTON Security Ltd is accredited through SSAIB which enables us to offer both Grade 2 and 3 Alarm Systems with Policed Responses. Yes, Bob from down the road or Bobs mate Jim can install an alarm system but to what standard is the real question. We are regularly called to sites where the “handy man” “Maintenance guy” has “installed” the alarm or cameras and we are asked to now make it work properly. As the adage goes, buy cheap, buy twice.


1. Have an alarm system fitted by a registered and accredited professional

2. Have a CCTV system fitted by a registered and accredited professional

3. Ask neighbours to turn your lights on at night and then off around bedtime. They can also check the property for signs of access

4. Ask neighbours to close and open your curtains

5. Use timers for lighting to make it look as though you are in

6. Ask neighbours to clear junk mail from your letter box. Post People tend to push letters through your door. Leaflet distributors do not.

7. Padlock gates and sheds

8. Get a dog – Remember though, a dog is for life and should be treated accordingly. We at ACTON Security Ltd are very much dog people.

This is a simple list of things you can do. We offer a full design and build package for our clients and are very much looking forward to your call for us to come help you.

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