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ACTON Security Ltd, install and maintain CCTV systems, from large commercial multi-site remotely monitored systems to domestic systems with self-monitoring solutions. 




All our systems record onto digital recorders as a minimum. We now offer cloud recording solutions to further enhance the overall system. These have substantial benefits for end users, from their flexibility of operation to bottom line economics. In fact, with the advent of low cost high capacity disk drives, the latest digital systems are more than capable of recording for as many days as a user's data protection policy stipulates before being overwritten. Incidents can then be retrieved via a network path or recorded onto CD, DVD or USB drive. 



CCTV systems are becoming ever more important as crime prevention devices recording and storing incidents digitally. The systems also provide a visual deterrent. Modern technology now provides secure remote surveillance of your property anywhere in the world, via the Internet. Footage caught on CCTV systems make a regular appearance on our TV screens and the police frequently secure convictions on the strength of CCTV evidence. In a correctly designed and specified CCTV System utilising high resolution cameras with the correct optics good quality usable images are produced which aid the apprehension of criminals.


CCTV Applications


  • ·          Record any person entering your premises

  • ·          Recording production lines in factories

  • ·          Visual verification of visitors (commercial or domestic)

  • ·          Remotely monitor a commercial site 24/7 via our accredited monitoring partner

  • ·          Monitor and protect stock levels

  • ·          View live pictures from home or anywhere in the world   

  • ·          Ensure that health and safety procedures are enforced and upheld 



ACTON Security Ltd specialises in remotely monitored CCTV systems. These systems come into their own on large and exposed unmanned sites where attacks by hardened criminals and petty vandals can pose real problems. In operation, cameras and detectors placed strategically are linked to a RVRC (Remote Video Response Centre) which operate under British and European regulations.

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