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Our Specialist Services Division dedicates their time to the design and implementation of systems that require advanced training. At ACTON Security Ltd we strive to be different and as such we have a dedicated team that handles such projects.

Systems that our Specialist Services Division install and maintain are as follows:

  • ATEX and Combustible Environment CCTV Systems

    • These include CCTV Cameras (both static and fully functional)

    • Infra-Red and White Light Arrays

  • Fire Detection Devices

  • Thermographic Equipment to monitor sources of heat in high ambient temperature environments

  • ATEX and Combustible Environment Radio Systems

  • Fibre Optic Networks

  • Point to Point and Point to Multipoint Wireless Networks

  • Hazardous Environment Working

    • High Ambient Temperature Environments

    •  Working at Height

    • Working above Water

    • Tower Rescue Trained Operatives

All new Equipment is tested in house before being taken to a customers premises. In the environments we work it is often not possible to simply change a fuse so all equipment must be tested to fullest prior to being installed.

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Normal overview of area

Mollie The Dog

Original test subject

View from camera displaying temperature

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