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The police say that most burglaries are opportunistic in nature and committed against the weakest available target. Most insurance companies allow discounted premiums for having a professionally installed alarm because it reduces the risk. Furthermore, protection is not vastly expensive, certainly not compared to the misery that can result from its absence.

Intruder alarm panel
SSAIB certified intruder alarm company





ACTON Security Ltd App control screen

ACTON Security Ltd considers three key words to be important to their intruder alarms. They are designed, installed and maintained.

Our experienced surveyors will arrange a convenient time to visit and carry out a complimentary risk assessment on your property before recommending the alarm system to suit your needs and budget. Our intruder alarm solutions range from basic detection and sounder systems to multiple site, wireless and fully monitored solutions all installed by our highly skilled installation engineers. 


We can provide the intruder alarm package to suit every home or business requirement: by providing superior equipment and an unparalleled service to ensure we deliver a better value for money solution for all our customers. 


Our intruder alarms are designed to our customer's specific requirements, installed neatly with minimum fuss and cared for by our efficient 24 hour service and maintenance department ensuring your intruder alarm system remains as reliable and effective as possible.

For details of European standards of intruder alarms (which we adhere to) click on the red button.

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